Visualize and Relax

April 16, 2009 by Relaxation Guide  
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If used properly, the human mind can be a potent tool. The mind is of primary focus for visualization techniques, which help in relaxing the mind – which is powerful enough to affect both the physical and the psychological aspects of the body. Critics of such visualization techniques are many, but the key is to know how to successfully use the technique to benefit from it. This technique might seem difficult to master, but if mastered provides fantastic results.

In this article we’ll look at color therapy and guided imagery, two key elements of visualization techniques for relaxation.

Color Therapy

Research has proven that color therapy affects the immune system and the nerves in a positive way, keeping the mind healthy. In this technique varying colors are used to affect the mind in different positive ways, helping relieve stress. If the blue color associated with the serenity of the sea and the sky is used to help the mind relax, then the more vibrant orange or yellow, signifying the sun is used for generating greater energy levels.

Deep breathing exercises are often used alongside the color therapy, to make the process doubly effective. Here’s how to go about it: First, make your body comfortable and relaxed, then with eyes closed take in deep breaths and imagine the color blue filling up your body. Visualize the color spreading from your feet upwards, covering your body and then making your surroundings turn blue, till it would seem that you are floating on the calm, blue sea. After 5-10 minutes start exhaling gently and visualize the blue streaming out of your system. With each exhalation you shall feel more and more calm and relaxed.

Guided Imagery

This is yet another great way to relieve stress, and the process is quite similar to color therapy, though not identical. While color imagery uses colors and their properties and human emotions as the basis for affecting the mind positively, guided imagery uses the power of visualization of a peaceful environment to revitalize or calm your mind.

Some people consider guided imagery to be a part of a meditation technique, but it can be a brilliant method of relaxation too. It functions by drawing from your own experiences, which are then recreated in your mind and transporting you back to that emotional state you were in. The experiences can be anything from family vacations to something much simpler but meaningful. With practice you will be able to visualize those happy moments regularly when you need to calm yourself down or recharge yourself.

Start by being in a comfortable position. You can listen to soothing music like the chirping of birds or a babbling brook to help you relax and stimulate your visualization. Close your eyes and start imagining the scene, any scene that you feel most comfortable and happy in. Visualize each bit in details – the feel of the grass or the color of the sand while emptying every other thought.

With constant practice you’ll be able to master these techniques easily.

How to Manage Stress

April 16, 2009 by Relaxation Guide  
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In today’s hectic life, stress is a very common feature, which most people experience. Stress is not a bad factor; it is the way in which our body handles the external pressure, which leads to some psychological reactions. Managing stress is very important in such a case.

Stress can never be done away with, but benefits of positive stress should be realized. Stress is a vital necessity, but in most cases, it is much above the optimal limit. Some techniques to manage stress are given below:

  1. Deep breathing: Deep breathing is a common method of reducing stress level and can be done at any instant. Deep breathing means breathing from the diaphragm, which helps calm down the mind, and have full control over your breath. Take full and conscious breaths rather than shallow breaths. This will ensure that adequate oxygen is delivered to the brain for proper functioning, and this in turn reduced anxiety and tension, and therefore, stress. It is recommended to practice deep breathing daily, prior to going to bed. Practicing it regularly at bedtime will reap positive benefits during the day. You can feel the movement of your abdomen when you deep breathe.

  2. Meditation: Meditation involves focusing on a simple object to aid the relaxation of your mind. Meditation has the advantage that it aids focusing minutely on whatsoever you might be considering. By concentrating on a simple thing, it helps your mind to move away from stress for that period of time, which shows later on. Meditation can be very useful when you experience high levels of tension or depression. When you focus on a given object continuously, it helps your brain to control your emotions and deal with them in a proper manner. Meditation can be performed by placing yourself in a very comfortable position, and listening to some soothing music to calm down your mind. Ten minutes into the meditation process, you will feel the change in your emotions.

  3. Positive affirmations: Your sub-conscious mind is activated by the positive affirmations. We often permit negative sentiments to control our mind, which needs to be eliminated. In fact, to our mind needs to be filled with positive sentiments to deal with the negative reactions in a proper way. Stress level can surely be reduced if one thing good of himself. Many times, simple things like traffic jams are a major cause for uprooting our anger, which should be controlled. A great motivator is visualizing yourself accomplishing a difficult task, which will give you as lot of confidence. Besides, it will soothe your nerves and help you to relax.

The above steps will help keep stress at bay. But constant practice of these techniques is required for you to have control over your stress.

Relaxation Needed for Today’s Lifestyle

April 16, 2009 by Relaxation Guide  
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Today’s life is no cramped and so hectic that it is very difficult to find time for anything. There is no time for even some pressing issues. But it is extremely important that you find time for relaxing yourself.

Deep breathing and relaxing keeps various problems at bay. Right from headaches to insomnia, for cancer to diarrhea, relaxing can help avoid most of these problems. Also, instant techniques can be learnt to reduce the stress level and anxiety whenever one feels that he is in a vulnerable position.

Visualizing is very important, and it involves picturing something in your mind which would give you comfort. It is like painting a picture over which you have full control. Besides, it helps you to relax as well. Scripts for relaxation visualization are many, and you can learn them and decide which one is well suited to you. But as the case with anything new, it needs regular practice to master the art. Given the health benefits and relaxation that it offers, it certainly is a must and a good try and definitely worth the effort you put into it.

Basically, relaxation visualization means imagining something while doing nothing at all. This gives you pleasure and drives away stress and anxiety.

For instance, picture yourself in an exquisite forest. Think about the birds who are making merry, and the sun that extends its rays on your face. This basically is a very peaceful situation and it helps to calm down your mind and aid relaxation. Studies also suggest that this actually stimulates your immune system and helps to avoid cancerous cells to develop. The studies have also concluded that if your focus lies on feeling strong, it brings down the chances of cancer, and keeps side effects of those recovering from it, at bay.

Given below is a script for the purpose of relaxation visualization.

Go and sit on a cozy and comfortable chair at office or in the house. Then relax all the muscles of your body. Then deep breathe in a steady and calm manner. After you feel a bit relaxed, shut your eyes to the worldly problems and imagine yourself in a cheerful mood at a serene and a beautiful place, for instance, a cottage house. Imagine yourself just relaxing on along chair, having no task to accomplish, and your kids playing around. The atmosphere is calm and you are in a relaxed state.

After that, concentrate on a cloud that appears in the shape of a rabbit. Picture the clouds moving in the direction of the air that is blowing around. You will feel at peace now. Then get up from the chair and walk towards a nearby sea. Imagine diving in the cool water, which makes you completely refreshed. When you come out of it, it seems to be the best days of your life. Then things will work well for you and there will be peace all over.