How to Manage Stress

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In today’s hectic life, stress is a very common feature, which most people experience. Stress is not a bad factor; it is the way in which our body handles the external pressure, which leads to some psychological reactions. Managing stress is very important in such a case.

Stress can never be done away with, but benefits of positive stress should be realized. Stress is a vital necessity, but in most cases, it is much above the optimal limit. Some techniques to manage stress are given below:

  1. Deep breathing: Deep breathing is a common method of reducing stress level and can be done at any instant. Deep breathing means breathing from the diaphragm, which helps calm down the mind, and have full control over your breath. Take full and conscious breaths rather than shallow breaths. This will ensure that adequate oxygen is delivered to the brain for proper functioning, and this in turn reduced anxiety and tension, and therefore, stress. It is recommended to practice deep breathing daily, prior to going to bed. Practicing it regularly at bedtime will reap positive benefits during the day. You can feel the movement of your abdomen when you deep breathe.

  2. Meditation: Meditation involves focusing on a simple object to aid the relaxation of your mind. Meditation has the advantage that it aids focusing minutely on whatsoever you might be considering. By concentrating on a simple thing, it helps your mind to move away from stress for that period of time, which shows later on. Meditation can be very useful when you experience high levels of tension or depression. When you focus on a given object continuously, it helps your brain to control your emotions and deal with them in a proper manner. Meditation can be performed by placing yourself in a very comfortable position, and listening to some soothing music to calm down your mind. Ten minutes into the meditation process, you will feel the change in your emotions.

  3. Positive affirmations: Your sub-conscious mind is activated by the positive affirmations. We often permit negative sentiments to control our mind, which needs to be eliminated. In fact, to our mind needs to be filled with positive sentiments to deal with the negative reactions in a proper way. Stress level can surely be reduced if one thing good of himself. Many times, simple things like traffic jams are a major cause for uprooting our anger, which should be controlled. A great motivator is visualizing yourself accomplishing a difficult task, which will give you as lot of confidence. Besides, it will soothe your nerves and help you to relax.

The above steps will help keep stress at bay. But constant practice of these techniques is required for you to have control over your stress.


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