Massage and Headaches

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Have you been getting more headaches recently? With the current economic situation and related stresses, headaches for a lot of us are becoming more frequent. The muscles of the upper back and neck tighten from the stress and we are left to deal with the pain.

Now we could just take a couple of pills like our doctor tells us. Or…we could relieve it naturally through massage. A good massage therapist will know how to relax the tense muscles with the strokes of their hands. We could even do a self massage that could ease the pain.

The best area that gives relief to headaches when massaged is called the sub occipital group. It is easy to find. It lies at the base of the skull and runs from ear to ear. Having a partner rub this area can usually bring relief and a lessening of the pain. Just lie face up and have your partner reach under the base of the skull and apply pressure upwards. You may even like to have more pressure at the edge of the skull.

And if you don’t have a partner? Don’t fret, you could lie on the floor and use a tennis ball or two at the sub occipital area. The tennis ball fits nicely at the base of the skull and you can roll from side to side to mimic the same movement.

Finally, stretching the neck can relieve some of the tension as well. Just pull your head down gently with your hands tilting the skull but keeping the neck lifted. Finish by slowly turning your head from side to side.


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