Massage to Relieve Tight Muscles

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Leg pain? Cramping? Lack of flexibility?

It may be time for a massage. A massage of any type can help relieve the tension in the body. After the first session you will probably notice immediate relief. Our bodies repair injuries with scar tissue. Over time this builds up and restricts our movement. A massage can loosen and limit new scar tissue from forming. This leaves the muscles more pliable and easier to move.

The gentle or sometimes more vigorous deep tissue kneading strokes of a massage help to increase circulation. It also speeds up the removal of waste products and toxins that have accumulated in the body. Better blood flow helps to bring more oxygen and nutrients into the area rejuvenating it and allowing it to work more efficiently.

Our exercise program can also contribute to tight muscles. Runners especially must beware as the hip flexors and hamstrings can easily tighten and then leg pain is not too far behind. Weight lifters usually have tight shoulders and upper backs. Tennis players and golfers have elbow pain and lower back pain. Unfortunately we usually cannot escape and suffer from some sort of muscular pain from our activities.

Massage can help rejuvenate us and get us back to our favorite pasttimes quickly and alleviate the chronic pains and muscle tightness that we endure.


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