Meditation to Clear the Mind

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Unable to settle your thoughts? Do you feel like you are unable to focus for just a few seconds?

Meditation may be your answer. We all have some sort of internal dialogue going on. However with the current economy and related stresses it brings, a great number of us feel overwhelmed. We have so many thoughts flying in and out of our minds we are unable to maintain focus. What are we going to do about the bills? the kids? my job? money?

This causes so much anxiety and takes us out of the present moment. In reality if our minds were calm like still water we would be better prepared to face the challenges. Meditation can do just that. Time is not something we have a luxury of and trying to fit something else into your schedule might seem impossible.

The good thing is meditation can take as little as ten minutes. And you do not need any special props or area, unless you want to of course.

Merely focusing on your breath by counting each breath or just focusing on an object such as a flower or candle and it’s structure,form and color can take one into a meditative state. Distractions will happen when you first attempt this. It is all part of the process. Just restart your focus. By focusing on just one thing for only ten minutes a day can help to bring clarity and focus back into our crazy lives.


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